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SKYRICH was rated as A+ supplier of KTM
Time: 2017-7-14

Recently, SKYRICH received the result of supplier rating from KTM group, according to KTM’s quality rating 2016, SKYRICH is one of KTM’s top suppliers, rated as A+ supplier to thank you SKYRICH lithium battery’s excellent performance and high quality.

A+ is the highest level of KTM’s supplier rating, and there are 11 suppliers in Asia and only 2 A+ supplier in China, SKYRICH is one of them.

SKYRICH started the business with KTM from 2014, and in 2016, all OFFROAD models of KTM switched SKYRICH lithium battery as original battery of their motorcycles. SKYRICH is rated A+ supplier this time, it showed the SKYRICH lithium battery already be accepted by world’s top motorcycle manufacturers, and also mean SKYRICH and KTM will cooperate more deeply in the further. SKYRICH will keep the excellent performance and high quality, to increase brand awareness all over the world, broaden the international business.