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Good news Skyrich won the Zhejiang province A class enterprise title of keeping contract and valuing credit
Time: 2020-4-13

     Credit is the foundation of an enterprise and the cornerstone of its development. Recently, under the strict examination and acceptance of The Market Supervision Administration of Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Skyrich has been awarded the 2019 Zhejiang Province A class enterprise honorary title of "keeping contract and valuing credit" by virtue of its honest operation and good reputation over the years.

     According to information, "keeping contract and valuing credit enterprise" is selected once every two years. This is a comprehensive assessment conducted by the market supervision and management institution of Zhejiang Province on the business status, social influence, contract credit management system, social reputation and other aspects of the enterprise, is the biggest support and affirmation to every enterprise that advocates good faith and earnestly performs the contract, and is also a credit award recognized by the government authority and a sign of high recognition for the enterprise.

    Since its establishment, Skyrich has been adhering to the principle of honesty to win trust and credibility to establish reputation, focusing on good faith operation and compliance operation, constantly improving the contract management mechanism, improving the performance of the enterprise, maintaining the good image of law-abiding and performance with practical actions, and enhancing the awareness of credit and risk. And the company will continue to improve in the integrity of the construction, contract management, trustworthy management and other aspects, and has always been promoted in the aspects of technology, production, brand and service with ingenuity quality, and continuously met the market demand with high-quality products and services, as well as a high sense of corporate responsibility, thus winning wide recognition from the society. This award shows that the company has a good image and reputation. It is an important intangible asset, which has a positive and far-reaching influence on the development of the company. It is also an affirmation from all sectors of society for the good faith operation of our company for many years.

     Skyrich will continue to adhere to perform its responsibility of "keeping contract and valuing credit ", standardize the credit contract management, improve the construction of the credit system, strengthen the project quality, strengthen the management of operation, improve the quality of service, and strictly operate in accordance with the law. On the basis of sincere cooperation, mutual trust and mutual assistance, the company will establish a stable relationship of mutual benefit and common development with customers, and maintain the original operation and ingenuity development. Forging ahead on the road of "striving to be an advocate of green energy", and let quality achieve brand, win the trust and support of more customers, create greater social influence. Service to win the market, integrity cast the future!